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The Big Idea

Create a complete, one-piece graphic solution to cover the entire 150' x 48' facade of the building. Attachments could not be made to actual building which is an historic site.

Create fabric banners, which are wrinkle free and printed in high resolution and brilliant colors for decoration of the interior of the Fort Mason building.

Program Components

  • Erect scaffold system to mimic the overall shape of the building; cover scaffold in black mesh to prevent visability of the framework; install Ultra Weave mesh seamless graphic.
  • Decorate the interior of Fort Mason employing the latest in wrinkle-free fabrics. Ceiling banners were double sided, 65' wide x 50" tall, backdrops were 12' wide x 14' tall and wall banners were 10' x 10'. Entrance banners were printed on tri-knit poly and measured 52" wide x 20' tall. All fabrics were highly wrinkle resistant with an FR rating.