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Casio G-Shock 25th Anniversary

Casio G-Shock celebrated its historic 25th anniversary at Gustavino's in NYC. Springworks Group, Ltd. was contracted to design all exhibit and graphic components for the event.

Our objective was to create a museum look and feel that would include areas for; historical overview of the first 25 years, new products, and lead up to the contemporary retail environment / experience. All elements were designed and produced by Springworks Group, Ltd., of Fairfield, NJ.

Client: Casio USA - Dover, New Jersey

To commemorate the Casio G-Shock's 25th Anniversary, last night they threw a huge party at Guastavino's to celebrate. Big names like Spike Lee, Eric Haze and Kanye West were amongst the guests that showed up along with VIPs, trendsetters, "streetwear" heads, magazines and friends came to party and to watch the special performance given by none other than Kanye West. At the beginning of the event we were given a press conference about G-Shock, educating us about the history and how it all started. Surprisingly it was quite amusing and interesting, the execs were all very humorous as well! Afterwards, we all were escorted downstairs to have a drink, enjoy the hor'dourves and chit-chat until Kanye is ready.

Finally, Kanye came out to entertain the crowd at around 10:15pm it was definitely worth the wait. He put on an amazing show as usual, his style was on point with his crisp white hi-top Christian Dior kickz and not to mention those dope shades he was rocking most of the night - you already people's gonna start rocking b/c he did (perhaps they're from the Ksubi for Pastelle collaboration?). The performance was crazy, if you were there you'd know what I'm talking about! SICK!!! Bigups to Sneaker John for reaching high to take pics for me, it was too difficult for a shorty haha. Thank you to G-Shock for inviting me to a memorable night and I left with a nice little gift box that consisted of the white 25th anniversary G-Shock watch and a t-shirt designed by Haze.

Neil and Sandy, I meant what I said the night of the event; if there was an MVP it was your team and as I progress with photo recap etc. I'll be sure to have many photos of the incredible brand experience you put together and I also plan on sharing with some of our other clients like Best Buy, TMobile, Samsung Mobile and Samsung Electronics as they are always looking for incredible companies like your team to execute similar events and programs.
Susie, IMS Marketing
Thank you for your good work for our event. I was very impressed with your high quality construction work.
Hiro Hamashima, Marketing Communications of Casio America
Sue pretty well summed it up earlier but I wanted to personally thank you for everything. I've been in this business for a long long time and I am not easily impressed. Your hard work, dedication and professionalism throughout the G-Shock 25th Anniversary Event was truly impressive and deeply appreciated. The miracles each of you performed was absolute magic. I eagerly look forward to working together again soon.
John Garlette, Casio America
Well, it's over and it was a great success! Over 1,000 people at the venue and people were buzzing about our brand as quickly as 2:00am. I wanted to reach out to you and THANK YOU with all sincerity for everything that you all have done to make last night a success.

Each and every one of the individuals and team leaders above were instrumental in making last evening the talk of the town! I don't want to get into the details of what was handled by each person/company...just suffice it to say that everything that you assisted with was and is greatly appreciated
Sue Vander Schans, Casio America