Project Gallery

A five day event hosted by CNET Gotham is taking place in NYC November 9th - 13th at Openhouse Gallery on Mulberry Street. The event will by open daily from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Attendees can talk with the techs, try what CNET deams the best digital equipment from laptops to cameras, and even a top rated toaster. You can also get a sneak preview of the latest gadgets in technology.

This exhibit space was created to mimic real-world settings: There's a living-room, a den, and a cafe area to showcase all the great toys.

Agency: MKTG NY, NY
Production/Build: Loran Associates, Randolph NJ
Graphics Production: Springworks Zenith Productions, Fairfield NJ

CNET Coverage of the CNET Gotham event on November 9, 2011